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A Guide to Gifting: Green Diwali Edition

A Guide to Gifting: Green Diwali Edition

Diwali, Deepawali, or as it is usually called – The Festival of Lights, knocks on our doors in October when the sweet fragrance of Shiuli or night-flowering Jasmine flowers is strong in the breeze. Houses get a fresh coat of paint and light up with fairy lights blinking in red, green, blue, and white. The temperature starts to dip and there’s a sweet chill in the air. On the roadside, vendors start selling diyas of different shapes and sizes. Diyas are small containers that are filled with oil/ghee as fuel and a cotton wick is half submerged in the fuel. The other half is lit up and the beautiful Diya is set on the entrances of the house, windowsills, boundaries of the terrace, and any other place in the house. Diyas are made of natural materials like terracotta Mugs. Just like them, this Diwali, let us try to keep everything else natural. It will keep the environment clean, people happy, and the festivities – closer to nature. 

Since every festival has customs of gifting, we have got some nice gifting options for you to gift to your friends and family so that you can proudly make this Diwali green! Here’s our guide to gifting – the green Diwali edition. Read till the end for a bonus gift idea! 

Hand-painted Terracotta Mugs – Set of 2 

Experience the ‘mitti ki khushboo’ or petrichor with these gorgeous terracotta mugs. They take the traditional kulhad to the next level with lead-free terracotta and a handle with jute string wrapped around it. Each mug is already unique since it is hand-made, and the art on every mug makes it even more unique. The patterns, the strokes, the dots, the lines, and the circles are all intricately made by the artisans. This set of two mugs makes the perfect Diwali gift for your loved ones. For the first use, keeping them submerged in water for 24 hours like for any other terracotta utensil makes them strong and closes the pores. 

Buy Terracotta Mugs

The mugs come in two different sizes. A smaller one for sipping small portions of tea, coffee, kadha, etc. This size is perfect for on-the-go chai drinking. A bigger size for big gulps of anything that you prefer from cold coffee to beer! Personally, the writer likes the bigger size mug because it has a bigger handle as well which is easier to hold besides the obvious reason of sipping slowly but larger portions of anything and everything. 

Assorted Organizers – Eco-friendly and Foldable 

Keep your desk organized with these eco-friendly and foldable organizers that are assorted in colour and fabric – because they are made with recycled materials. These beautiful organizers also come in a set of two. One of them is a tray that can hold your keys, rings, and keyrings! Basically, the small items that are needed quickly when you’re in a hurry or the items that you want to store on the bedside before going to sleep. The other organizer in the set is a bin/basket which is longer with depth to keep longer items like pens, pencils, toys, etc. The idea is to include sustainability in your day-to-day life and replace the items that are made of use n throw materials like plastic. There is a notion that sustainability is plain and not so interesting. This gift of assorted organizers is here to fight that notion and be as fun, quirky, and beautiful as can be! 

Assorted Organizers Gift

Neck & Hand Warmer 

Does working for long hours make your neck stiff? This neck warmer made of recycled fabric will do wonders to relax your neck and in turn, you. How does it work, you ask? This piece of eco-friendly neck warmer is filled with rice. Toss it in the microwave for thirty seconds to one minute, as per your preference. Wear it just like a muffler and let it heal you from the inside out. This gift of environmentally friendly healing comes with a hand warmer too! For the upcoming winters, if you’re heading out, have an exam, or simply don’t like cold hands, the hand warmer will keep you company. Just toss it in the microwave with the neck warmer and keep it in your pocket to make it a cozy place for your hand. If you know someone who needs this set for the upcoming winter, just order it from our website and we will deliver it just like a gift – wrapped beautifully and delivered with love. 

Neck & Hand Warmer

Plant & Planter 

Plants are symbolic of growth and prosperity. Gifting someone or yourself a plant, literally brings nature closer to the person. They can be stand-alone gifts or a plus-one gift that you can send along with something else. A money plant that comes in green or golden color is the best gift for anyone. A Jade plant with small leaves is great to keep indoors and on the work desk or windowsill. If the traditional planters don’t interest you and you want to gift something unique and charming, the themed concrete planters with more than one plant are a gorgeous option. Happy N Smiling – Plants and décor has a Ficus plant with a monk sitting with a traditional hat on. Miniature Garden – Plant & concrete pot has a combination of plants and as the name gives it away, looks like a miniature garden and is absolutely amazing! 

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A complete ecosystem inside a glass bowl – terrariums are the most exquisite piece of living home décor. You cannot just glance at a terrarium because the beauty of the plants, soil, and the décor will take your attention away, keeping you indulged for minutes at a time. The plants that are chosen for a terrarium are not chosen at random but are strategic – one plant will not overshadow another. They complement each other and are perfect for a partially closed environment. Maintaining a terrarium is easy than it seems. You just have to spray the leaves with a generous amount of water once a week. Keep it in partial sunlight and the plants will grow beautifully. Terrariums are unique when it comes to gifting. 

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Bonus Gifting Idea – The Green Experience: Make Your Own Terrarium 

Take another look at the terrarium above and notice all the textures and colors of different leaves. If you know someone who would love to learn how to make their own terrariumfrom the scratch, then you can gift them a Green Experience! The trip will include a tour of the herb garden and if you ask, the expert might crush a leaf and you can smell the fresh herbs right there. The terrarium making will include learning different types of terrariums, answering why to plant the specific plants that you plant, knowing the different compositions of soils to use, choosing your decorative item, and placing them inside after planting the different plants, and finally, the best part, taking your own terrarium home with you! Note that this gift is only for the people who are in or can visit Gurugram, Haryana. 

You’ve reached the end of this blog. All the gifts mentioned above and more are available on our website – Wrapping Happiness

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