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Mandatory Diwali Home Décor Revamping

It’s October and the favorite month of the year for many people. It’s a favorite for a reason. Probably many reasons but the biggest one in India is definitely Diwali! Yes, the festival of lights is here, and this year, it’s falling on 24th October. So, get ready to clean every room, every corner, every heightened surface that was out of reach for a long enough time. And while you’re on it, take out your budget for the mandatory Diwali home décor revamping because it is time to give your home the gorgeous makeover it deserves.
Wrapping Happiness has attractive options for Your home and your Loved Ones’ homes that you can send as gifts.
Candle Lights for the Festival of Lights
There are candles of different sizes, for every type of décor, for people with all kinds of tastes. One of them is votive candles - small height, bulky candles that burn for a longer duration than normal ones. They need votive holders in the shape of bowls or containers that can hold the melting wax and guide it toward the center so that it also gets used up. Generally, votives are made of glass. Place these beautiful blue glass votive holders on your dining table with votive candles inside, and they will do their subtle magic to set the mood for dinner. One smaller and another bigger, these votive holders will compliment your décor gorgeously - not overpowering or overwhelming, but subtle and intimate. This is what mood lighting is all about!
 Another option is this geometric golden candle holder that also comes in a set of two. This type of candle holder has space for tealight candles that are small but handy. Place them at a heightened table next to a wall or find a corner in your house and let these lattice holders light it up for a festive vibe.
If you would like to gift someone, not just a candle but all the good wishes for a future full of growth and prosperity along with it, the Tree of Prosperity candlelight holder is as magnificent and as Diwali-ish as it can get! A Tealight candle placed inside will illuminate the tree on the holder for that ambient mood lighting. This is the perfect gift of light!
All That Festive Jazz
Diwali is all about bright colors, cheerfulness, positive vibes, and all that festive jazz. The day starts with puja (worship) and ends with puja. Set up all the required items of puja in this gorgeous big plate to radiate the positiveness in all directions. This is our serving festivities hamper. The Aluminium tray is double-colored, punch-textured, easy to carry with two large handles, and ample-sized to accommodate all that there is. Place your flowers and teeka on the tray, light up the tealights, and serve the prasad (offerings) in these stone-finished tumblers and your Diwali is going to be perfect!
Want a bigger thaal? We have got you covered with this set of two Aluminium thaals. One is large and the other, small. Light up all your diyas, place them in the thaal, and take them with you all over the house lighting up every corner.
Put some flowers inside the big thaal. Place the smaller thaal in the middle and fill it with water. Carefully place a floating candle on the water and light it up. Voilà! The best Diwali urli decoration ever.
Hang it up!
Basketry is a beautiful art form and the women of Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh have mastered moonj grass basketry because the grass grows locally. Making gorgeous wall hangings like this has become their way of livelihood for them. Bring the art directly to your home or gift it to an art connoisseur this Diwali and along with celebrating the festival, you’ll be contributing towards these local artisans’ success!
From the Madhubani region in Bihar, originated an art form that is world-famous for its closeness to nature and vibrant colors. Bring the Madhubani art close to your heart and into your home with this beautiful wall clock. Every time you look at the time, the gorgeous art will mesmerize your eyes.
Bonus “Home” Décor
What is home? Where is home? Is it a place? Is it a feeling? Is it a person? Does it change over time? There are so many thoughts to contemplate. Whatever or whoever means home to you, this Diwali, let them know. This is a wooden piece of art that says “home” and once you look closely, it shows people and a dog too! This can be placed at the entrance of the home or inside the living room. This piece of art will make its place in your home or your loved ones’ home.
With all these unique gift options to choose from, what will you gift yourself, your friends, and your family this Diwali?
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