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Pros of Personalized Presents

Pros of Personalized Presents

There are gifts for every occasion, for every relation, of every kind, but the ones that come closest to the receiver’s heart are the ones that are personalized for them. It’s the exclusivity, uniqueness, and thoughtfulness that appeals to everyone making a personalized gift the best kind of gift! Today, we will talk about all the pros of personalized presents answering your doubts about why you should put in a bit of extra effort to personalize a gift before you send it to a person whose birthday or anniversary is coming up soon. Keep on reading for a never-seen-before collection of personalized gifts that you can send to someone right now! 

The gift becomes a unique gift! 

You can find hundreds of platters in markets and household item shops that you can use in your home because it is a great item of utility. You can cut your vegetables and fruits on it, you can serve your fruit on it, you can use it as a cheese platter for your wine & cheese party, and you can use it as a tray too. But if you want to gift someone a platter, it does not seem like a substantial gift. But here comes the catch! What if you could personalize the platter with the name of the person, you’re thinking of gifting it to? Then that platter becomes one-of-a-kind in the whole wide world because it was thought out for someone special by someone special. 

Becomes a gift for the whole family! 

Cheeseboard N Coaster Set - Family Name

Personalized Platter & Coasters

Let us take gifting a personalized platter and up it a level. Since it is a gift of utility for the home, it automatically becomes a gift for the whole family. What if you could send the personalized platter along with some personalized coasters that the whole family can use? That just becomes the perfect present! Find the hamper below and gift it right away! 

Another great option is the personalized family tray. It is said that “the family that eats together, stays together” and with that thought in mind, we have designed a family tray that has all the qualities of the family along with the family name as the biggest word in the upper center. This becomes a beautiful gift for housewarming, house parties, get-togethers, etc. See for yourself below and click on the link to get it and gift it. 

Christmas Gifts Online

Christmas Gifts Online

The gift becomes a statement of pride.

Family Tree Gift

For the eldest of the families - the bigger their family is - is a thing to feel proud of. Think of your grandparents, and how they made sure to give their love to each and every family member like the center stem nourishes the branches. This is a family tree, depicting the whole family from the eldest to the youngest. The names are engraved in the wood gorgeously, giving it a premium look. To add elegance to the gift, it is packed in a high-quality box with soft velvet cloth coating inside. The family tree has a chain attached to the back so that it can be hung on the wall and the receiver can proudly show it off! 

The gift stands out from the rest.

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Bathrobe With Name

If you are a stickler for good time and relaxation, and you have visited a pool or a spa before with your bathrobe, it has a high chance to get mixed up with other bathrobes. Well, here’s a solution to this problem - a personalized bathrobe that’s made with premium cotton and has the name of the person embroidered on the back. You can obviously get anything embroidered on the back and not just their name, we leave the creativity up to you. 

It makes birthdays and anniversaries extra special! 

It’s the birthdays and the anniversaries that make us think really hard about the kind of gift we send to our loved ones. If they have the good habit of reading newspapers in the mornings, surprise them on their birthday with the ultimate gift: a personalized newspaper that’s completely designed by us from the scratch. Just imagine the wide smile on their face when they pick up the newspaper from outside the door in the morning and sit back to read it, thinking it’s just some other day, but little do they know, you have thought of the surprise at the most unexpected time! As they open the newspaper, the first thing they see is their name, their photo, and the stories from their friends and family! It is definitely going to send them on a whole new level of excitement. Check out an example below. 

Birthday Gifts Online

Calendars on the new year are a fairly common gift but have you ever heard of a birthday calendar? Let us explain. It’s a completely personalized table flip calendar that starts on the birthday date of the receiver and has graphics and quotes on it to keep t he person happy, entertained, and loved for the whole year! It’s like a birthday countdown till the next birthday and just the most innovative gift that you can send. Check it out! 

For anniversaries, what can be better than a set of wine glasses for the perfect couple? You can personalize the glasses with their names or/and the anniversary date and make a toast to their happily ever after romantic life! 

The day-to-day mundane stationery becomes exciting! 

We all use pens, diaries, notebooks, planners, journals, etc. Gifting your friends and family a premium pen or an adorable diary can never go wrong. Add a flair to this gift by personalizing it according to them! From pens of world-famous brands like Parker, Sheaffer, and more to diaries that are designed in-house, these gifts make every day exciting. Check them out! 

Who thought THIS could also be personalized? 

Yes, this is the same concept of fortune cookies but converted to something much much more awesome! These personalized message chocolates are one of the hot-selling gifts, that make any celebration worth it. The scope of creativity here is endless and the chocolates are delish! 

So, the next time you wish to gift your friends, relatives, spouse, best friends, new friends, or colleagues, make it a personalized present! 

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