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Premium Elephant Statue

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Rs. 8,500.00
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Nature's great masterpiece!

• An intricate, eye-catching and ethnic masterpiece
• Stands for good luck, wisdom, and serenity
• In shades of brown to enhance the sculptured detailing
• Place the haathi at vantage points at home or office to draw attention
• Makes an innovative gift for your loved ones
• It's a classic piece that depicts the famous Krishnaleela reminding us when a group of gopis joined together in different acrobatic postures forming the shape of an elephant for Krishna and Radha to ride on them

    Colour: Beige
    Material: Polyurethane Foam
    Dimensions: 35.56x27.94cm

    Delivery Time for Delhi NCR: 3 Days
    Delivery Time for Pan India: 6 Days

    Country of Origin: India

    *T&C applicable

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