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Personalised Hamper For Milestone Birthday

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Rs. 3,500.00
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Like a fine wine, you have gotten better with age!
• This Milestone Birthday Hamper is personalised for any & all age groups
• A happy way to mark the joyous moments in your dear person's journey through life
• The hamper consists of 4 amazing things-
    ◦ Milestone Keeper 
-The top plank will have the name of the receiver along with a date and your name!
-The middle plank is left blank for you to write your personal messages (use a permanent marker)
-The bottom plank says truthfully– "Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying with you"
-Joined together with a cotton string & to be hung on a wall, this beautiful
-keepsake will record a big milestone in your life 
        ◦ Handmade Card
    -These are specially designed handmade cards that'll make your special person's heart melt on their milestone birthday
    -Choose their age from the drop-down list
          ◦ Postcard
      -A gorgeous postcard with a wonderful quote on the back, designed especially for the particular age that they're entering
            ◦ Photo Album
        -A beautifully decorated photo album that can be personalised with five photographs of your choice
        -With blank pages right next to photos, you can write messages or stories or memories by hand

          Material: Milestone Keeper- MDF & Cotton, Card- Paper, Photo Album- Hardcover & Paper, Postcards- Paper

          Dimensions: Milestone Keeper- 25x50cm, Handmade Card- 14.8x21cm, Photo Album- 14.8x21cm, Postcards- 14.8x21cm

          Delivery Time for Gurgaon: 6 Days
          Delivery Time for Pan India: 8 Days

          Country of Origin: India

          *T&C applicable