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Fond Memory Video – Completely Personalized

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Rs. 15,000.00
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Life in a movie!

An experience that'll take the receiver on a ride. A ride that is going to be full of happiness, tenderness, love, and nostalgia. A ride filled with top-of-the-world stories, wholesome moments, and future plans with the closest of people!

Gift your favourite person or favourite couple, a feature film for their special day and make it a gift that they'll not forget anytime soon!

Let us guide you through the experience-

• It's going to be a 45-minute video (subject to change based on the availability of content) dedicated entirely to the person or the couple.

• With videos from their friends, colleagues, and family from all over the world & from all stages of life, the Fond Memory Video is going to melt hearts, widen smiles, and probably make the eyes just a little watery (but in a good way)

• All the snippets will be connected together in a chronological manner with beautiful transitions and relevant background music by our dedicated designers and experienced editors

• Since this film is going to be made from scratch, it is highly customisable according to your taste. Combined with our expert guidance, it'll make the best gift ever!

• All you have to do is get their friends and families to send 2-3 minute videos (secretly) & tell us all about the person or the couple. Then leave it to us to transform all the memories, feelings, and conversations into a beautiful gesture that you can present as a gift!

    Kindly give us at least 15 days to curate this extraordinary experience that'll be as memorable as you want it to be!

    Enter your contact details and two times for contact in the space below. Our happy managers will get in touch with you soon!

    If you have any other queries, don't shy away from mailing us at

    Country of origin: India