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Personalised Radio Show – Father's Day 2023 Special

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This Fathers Day, continue making your DAD Proud and express your love beautifully. Even though another year has passed, the love you share continues to last. To express your love and happiness you can gift each other a ‘Personalised Radio Show’. A radio show, hosted by Celebrity RJ, Puru, in his signature effervescent and candid style.

Fill us up with details/moments you want to share about your DAD. Tell us his 5 favorite songs. Share anecdotes about cherished memories. Then watch RJ, Puru work his magic. Puru entwines the memories and songs beautifully into a 15-minute show which can be shared with you on WhatsApp/ email, as a link and can be played by you.

Fill in the details in the ATTACHED FORM and wait for a call from RJ Puru.  Puru will talk to you to get a few juicy bites to wrap his story around your DAD for whom the show is being made. Plan in advance as we need a time frame of 5 days for planning and execution. You can also listen to this SAMPLE SHOW.

So, hurry up. Fill in the details in the template while buying the product and RJ Puru shall get in touch shortly if need be. With his creative and innovative approach and good command of the language, Puru is reputed to deliver the best show ever!!!!

Please give us, two, time options for contacting you.

True love only gets stronger and truer with the passing of time.


Country of Origin: India 

*T&C applicable