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Gamer Gift Hamper

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A gift for the alpha gamer to celebrate the skills, talent and hours put in to come to top one percent of the top one percent in their virtual (read: real) lives.

Gift your gamer buddy an inhouse designed hamper that has the coolest gifts inside!

• An 'aplha gamer' mug with dope graphics to flaunt on their gaming setup and sip beverages at the same time

• Set of 3 doorboard signs – "Gamer Geek", "Access Denied", "Beware: Gamer's Den" to keep the 'non playable characters' outside of the den

• While gaming for hours at a stretch, one needs to hydrate. To hydrate, one needs an ultra cool sipper on their gaming desk. A gift for the die-hard gamers is a sleek Borosil sipper with 'Eat sleep game repeat' printed on it, designed inhouse.

• A pro gamer mouse pad so that the mouse glides smoothly and they never miss a shot!

Colour: Multicoloured
Material: MDF, Stainless steel, Foam
Dimensions: Sipper- 22.9 x 7.6 cm, Mug- 10 x 8 cm, Mousepad- 22.9 x 19.1 cm
Quantity: Sipper- 400 ml

Delivery Time for NCR: 4 Days
Delivery Time for Pan India: 7 Days

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