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Welcoming A New Born Home

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Let's welcome the baby with utmost warmth!

Welcome the newest member of your family grandly, through our curated experience for newborn kids. Balloons, teepees, bunnies, teddies, welcome notes, blues, pinks, flowers, all gather together curating the experience for the new parents and the child!

Experience includes the following elements-

• A teepee setup with bunnies, flowers, toys, mats, and flowers!
• An entrance arch that is made of colourful balloons, shaped accordingly.
• Cutest hot air balloon ever!- Get ready to fly into your childhood memories through the little one.
• A welcome easel with bunnies around flowers hanging shouting out loud the name of the newborn & the proud parents.

    Kindly note: The non-consumable items including the teepee set up and hot air balloon setup(without the balloons) will be removed two days after the celebration.

    In case you have any thoughts around the experience that you wish to share, please feel free to send us an e-mail at

    The occasion will become memorable with your warm hugs and smile!

    Country of Origin: India