Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions were last updated on 1stFebruary 2021. These Terms and Conditions are effective immediately.

Dear Customers,

Welcome to Wrapping Happiness!

Please read the terms of use thoroughly and carefully.

The terms and conditions set forth below ("Terms of Use") and the Privacy Policy (as defined below) constitute a legally-binding agreement between Wrapping Happiness and you. These Terms of Use contain provisions that define your limits, legal rights and obligations with respect to your use of (i) the Wrapping Happiness website and mobile application, including the classified advertisements, forums, various email functions and Internet links, and all content and Wrapping Happiness products (includes goods and services individually and/or bundled together, including those services provided by Service Professional(s), together forming part of a product) available through the domain and sub-domains of Wrapping Happiness located at www.wrappinghappiness.com(collectively referred to herein as the "Website"). The Terms of Use described below incorporate the Privacy Policy and apply to all users of the Website.

The Website is currently owned and operated by Wrapping Happiness.

You specifically agree that by using the website, you are at least 18 years of age and you are competent under law to enter into a legally binding and enforceable contract.

All references to "you" or "your," as applicable, mean the person that accesses, uses, and/or participates in the Website in any manner. If you use the Website on behalf of a business, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind that business and your acceptance of the Terms of Use will be deemed an acceptance by that business and "you" and "your" herein shall refer to that business.

Wrapping Happiness reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, or otherwise amend the Terms of Use, and any other documents incorporated by reference herein for complying with legal and regulatory framework and for other legitimate business purposes, at any time, and Wrapping Happiness will post notice of the changes and the amended Terms of Use at the domain of www.wrappinghappiness.com. It is your responsibility to review the Terms of Use for any changes and you are encouraged to check the Terms of Use frequently. Your use of the Website following any amendment of the Terms of Use will signify your assent to and acceptance of any revised Terms of Use. If you do not agree to abide by these or any future Terms of Use, please do not use or access the Website.

Your participation as a customer in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement and the associated terms and conditions as specified in related annexures/addendums/disclaimers or any other record/document pertaining thereto.

You acknowledge and agree that you shall comply with the following policies:

  1. You will provide true, accurate, current and complete information when placing an order and you shall maintain and update such information during the term of this Agreement so that it will remain accurate, true, current and complete.
  2. You shall not in any manual or automated manner collect information of the employees of Wrapping Happiness or vendors and service professionals associated with Wrapping Happiness, including but not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses, copying copyrighted text, or otherwise misuse or misappropriate Website information or content, including but not limited to, use on a "mirrored", competitive, or third party site.
  3. You shall not recruit, solicit, or contact in any form the employees of Wrapping Happiness or vendors, and service professionals associated with Wrapping Happiness for employment or contracting for a transaction not affiliated with Wrapping Happiness without express written permission from Wrapping Happiness.
  4. You shall not take any action that (i) unreasonably encumbers or, in Wrapping Happiness  sole discretion, may unreasonably encumber the Website's infrastructure; (ii) interferes or attempts to interfere with the proper working of the Website or any third-party participation in the Website; or (iii) bypasses Wrapping Happiness measures that are used to prevent or restrict access to the Website.
  5. You agree not to collect or harvest any personally identifiable data, including without limitation, names or other information, from the Website, nor to use the communication systems provided by the Website for any commercial solicitation purposes.

Your access to, use of, and participation in the Website is subject to the Terms of Use and all applicable Wrapping Happiness regulations, guidelines and additional policies that Wrapping Happiness may set forth from time to time, including without limitation, a copyright policy and any other restrictions or limitations that Wrapping Happiness publishes on the Website (the "Additional Policies"). You hereby agree to comply with the Additional Policies and your obligations thereunder at all times. You hereby acknowledge and agree that if you fail to adhere to any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or documents referenced herein, including the Additional Policies, Wrapping Happiness in its sole discretion, may terminate your Account at any time without prior notice to you as well as initiate appropriate legal proceedings, if necessary.

You may use the website for lawful purpose only not in away that infringes the right of anyone else or inhibits anyone elses enjoyment of the website. Without any prior written consent, you may not  copy, reproduce, crawl, frame, republish, download, print, post, distribute, repost, broadcast, record, transmit, edit, communicate to the public, link to, deep link into, or distribute in any way the web pages or material on the website or computer codes, or elements comprising the website other than solely for your own personal use. You may not use the content of the website for any commercial purpose, what so ever.

Those who choose to access the website from locations outside India, are responsible for compliance with local laws of that country and to the extent local laws are applicable.

All rights, including the Copyrights and other Intellectual property rights, in and to this website are owned or licensed toWrapping Happiness.

Other than personal/ sensitive data, as per our privacy policy, all comments, compliments, blogs, suggestions, ideas, artwork, images, testimonials, marketing suggestions, offered to Wrapping Happiness through websites, email, once submitted shall become and remain the property of Wrapping Happiness.

Any submission made on any Wrapping Happiness related third party website or page such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, U-tube, linked in, Instagram or any other social media platform, do not reflectthe opinion and ideas of Wrapping Happiness or its employees. Wrapping Happiness is not responsible for any such content.

Wrapping Happiness puts in efforts to ensure that the website is free from Viruses and other harmful contents. However, we cannot guarantee that use of the website will not cause damage to your computer or other devices. It is your responsibility to use the website properly without giving any harms to your devices.

While using the website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, to avoid any unauthorised access to your account. Also we take utmost care in ensuring uninterrupted functioning of the website and that transmissions will be error free. However we cannot guarantee anything, considering the nature of internet.Also the website might suspend its operations for maintenance, repairs, new uploads, without any prior notice.

Moreover use of the website should not be for any fraudulent, unlawful, illegal purpose with any criminal offense.


Products and Pricing

PRODUCT is inclusive of delivery of any goods (which may be customized/personalized) and services rendered by the Service Professionals, and booking of locations/venues and the delivery of any goods (customized/personalized) goods services rendered on the location by Service Professionals that form part of the product, which may be customized as per your specific requirements.

All products/services listed on the website, their descriptions, and their prices are subject to change from time to time and are subject to determination of variable costs associated with the products/services, and are subject to confirmation upon placing of the order. Purchase/availment of a product/service on the website is subject to availability of stock, availability of personnel (including Service Professionals), and other related requirements associated with the provisioning of the product/service. Wrapping Happinessreserves the right, at any time, to modify, suspend, or discontinue the sale of any product or services with or without notice.

In the event a product or service is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical error, error in pricing or information received from Wrapping Happiness suppliers/vendors, Wrapping Happiness shall have the right, post the acceptance of any order, to modify or decline or cancel any such order, whether or not the order has been confirmed and/or you have been charged for such product or service. If you have already been charged for the order and Wrapping Happiness cancels your order, Wrapping Happinesswill refund the amount.

The product and service specifications (weight, size, colour, location, design, Service Professional, etc.) mentioned with the product and service photos displayed are only approximate and descriptive. There may be variations in the pictures/descriptions and the respective products/services upon the same being rendered/delivered.

Orders and Acceptance of Orders

When you make an order, you are making an offer to purchase, and such offer is subject to acceptance by Wrapping Happiness. Your receipt (email/SMS/whatsapppush notification) of an order confirmation from Wrapping Happiness does not signify acceptance of your order by Wrapping Happiness, nor does it constitute confirmation of offer to sell by Wrapping Happiness. Wrapping Happiness reserves the right at any time, after receiving your order, to accept or decline or cancel your order (in whole or in part) for any reason whatsoever. Wrapping Happiness may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. In the event of a purchase, you will be required to accurately provide the recipient’s name and shipping address. You agree that, if Wrapping Happiness cancels all or a part of your order, your sole and exclusive remedy is either that:

(a) Wrapping Happiness will issue a credit to your credit/debit card or bank account in the amount charged for the cancelled portion (if your account card has already been charged for the order); or

(b) Wrapping Happiness will not charge your credit/debit card or bank account for the cancelled portion of the order.

For your convenience, Wrapping Happiness  accepts Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, Maestro, American Express, Debit Card and PayPal, Digital wallets, Loyalty points, COD. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, any and all payments made by above mentioned options, either through payment gateway on the Wrapping Happiness website or through Wrapping Happiness mobile application, are subject to specific terms and conditions of such third party payment gateways.

You agree, that you will not use, sell or supply any products purchased from Wrapping Happiness in an unlawful manner

Substitution Policy

Since certain products could include hand-made/customized/personalized goods, there may be a slight variation from the picture displayed on the website. Occasionally, substitution of products is necessary due to temporary and/or regional unavailability issues. Every experience we offer is customized, hence there might be slight variation in the product/service associated with the experience in terms of design, shape, colours, associated goods, location, etc that may comprise the experience. Occasionally, substitution of components to the experience is necessary due to temporary and/or regional unavailability issues.

In such a case(s), our experienced team will ensure we deliver the product/service associated with the experience as close as possible to the description/photograph shown and will only substitute items of equal or higher value.

In an event where a product/service that you have ordered is out of stock or unavailable, we will contact you to give an option of an alternate product/service. If we are unable to get in touch with you or if we do not receive the requisite response from you, we will proceed with sending you the alternate product/service since we know that you may be sending it to your loved/cared ones on a special occasion and we would not want anything to dampen the spirit of the occasion.

Order Modification/Cancellation Policy

There are some orders which we are unable to accept and can be cancelled from our side. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason, like under any unforeseen circumstances that may come in the way of your order that may be limitations on quantity available of purchase, error in product(s) or pricing information, or limitations of our credit department.

Before accepting any order, we need to have some details and information from your side. Before cancelling any order, we will contact you.

Same day orders are processed immediately, and usually cannot be modified/cancelled. However, in case you want to modify/cancel an order, you can reach us on +91-9599578308(010:00 hours to 6pm, 6 days a week). If the order has not been prepared or is not out for delivery, we will try to modify/cancel the order for you. If the order has already been prepared/dispatched, it cannot be cancelled/modified, and you will be charged for the order.

In other cases of order modification/cancellation, please give at least 24 hours' advance notice.

Order/Delivery Confirmation E-mail, whatsapp and SMS

Shortly after you place an order, you will receive an Order Confirmation e-mail, whatsapp and SMS which will include all the details of your order, including the order number which will be required in the event you need to contact Wrapping  Happiness.

In case you have not received an Order Confirmation e-mail, whatsapp and SMS, please call on +91- 9599578308 (10 am to 6pm, 6days a week) or write to us at customercare@wrappinghappiness.com

You will also receive a Delivery Confirmation e-mail and SMS when your order has been delivered.

Shipping & Delivery Policy

Products/goods/services/personnel may vary from the picture or description depending on their nature and availability. Delivery in this context includes, individually or collectively comprising part of the ordered product, the delivery of goods, visit and service delivery by the service professionals.

You acknowledge that requested delivery time is non-binding. Estimated delivery time depends on the availability of the product/service and the destination to which you want the product to be delivered. With the ongoing unprecedented circumstances, the deliveries can get delayed due to conditions not in our hands, so be prepared for the same.

Delivery may take longer due to:

  1. Bad weather
  2. Political disruptions
  3. Other unforeseen circumstances
  4. Ongoing Covid Circumstances

In such cases, we will proactively attempt to reach out to you. Please check your e-mails and SMS regularly for updates.

Before major occasions, we suggest that you place your order at least seven days in advance.

Products that are hand delivered cannot be delivered along with courier products.

For perishable items, individually or that may comprise part of the order, we attempt delivery of your order only once.

In the event of delivery  not executed during the attempt-twice, we shall return the courier to our Warehouse and shall be shipped again only on the receipt of your email, confirming a date, day and  time window for the same. We will consider the order executed in the below cases:

  • Wrong shipping/delivery address.
  • Recipient not available.
  • Premises locked.
  • Recipient refusing to accept the delivery.

In case of perishable items or products, if the recipient is not available, he/she can inform the delivery person/service professional to deliver the order to the gate/reception/neighbour.

Proof of delivery will be provided in case of any dispute in delivery. Deliveries are made on Sundays and on Public Holidays for products that are to be delivered by hand.

If there is no one available at the shipping addresses to accept the delivery of your order at the time of delivery, the order will not be considered late. Hence in such cases, no refunds, cancellations, liability can be made. We will surely try our best as mentioned below-

  • Call the recipient to schedule an appropriate delivery time.
  • Leave a note on the recipient’s door asking them to contact Wrapping Happiness to schedule a delivery time.
  • Leave the deliverable goods in a covered, secure area of the home (porch, garage, or other entrance)
  • Leave the deliverable goods with a neighbour and place a message on the recipient’s door with this information.

Midnight Deliveries

Subject to the other terms of the Shipping Disclaimer, delivery will be made between 11.00 PM to 11.59 PM on the chosen delivery date. Note: Please choose the date of delivery atleast 4 daysprior to the date of occasion.

Fix Time Deliveries

We cannot commit the exact time for delivery. Subject to the other terms of the Shipping Disclaimer, the order will be delivered +30 or -30 minutes as per selected time. You are encouraged to share further/additional information with respect to the delivery address and location to successfully enable the timely delivery of service or product.

Delivery of Courier Products

Notwithstanding anything contained in the Shipping Disclaimer or in the Terms and Conditions, in the event the order is made to deliver through any courier agency or any third party, Wrapping Happiness does not make any representation or warranty in relation to the delivery of such order.

The products that may be required to be delivered vide courier will be delivered throughsome reputed courier company and the delivery made by them are subject to the Terms and Conditions of such courier companies.

For products that are shipped using the services of our courier partners, the date of delivery is an estimate. Your order may be delivered a day prior or a day after the chosen date of delivery.

You acknowledge that the requested delivery date is non-binding. Estimated delivery date depends on the availability of the product/personnel associated with the order and the destination to which you want the product to be shipped or personnel to visit.

Our courier partners do not call prior to delivering an order, so we recommend that you provide an address at which someone will be present to receive the package. The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address.

No deliveries are made by third party courier agencies on a Sunday and Public Holidays.

All courier orders are carefully packed and shipped from our warehouse. Soon after the order has been dispatched, you will receive a tracking number that will help you trace your order.

Courier partners sometimes have some delays due to holidays and strikes.

In case if the recipient is unavailable, we will attempt delivery twice and in case delivery location is incorrect or the recipient refuses to take the delivery, the delivery shall be deemed to have been made. The courier company will attempt to deliver the package twice before the parcel returns back to the point of origin.

the event of delivery  not executed during the attempt-twice, we shall return the courier to our Warehouse and shall be shipped again only on the receipt of your email, confirming a date, day and  time window for the same. We will consider the order executed in the below cases:

  • Wrong shipping/delivery address.
  • Recipient not available.
  • Premises locked.
  • Recipient refusing to accept the delivery.

In case if the recipient is not available, he/she can inform the delivery person to deliver the order to the gate/reception/neighbour.

Direct deliveries made by the third party vendors which include deliveries of Cakes and Flowers, Wrapping Happiness doesn’t stand responsible for the quality and delivery status.. though we would be open to the feedback shared by you, keeping us updated and working towards a fine delivery services being offered, through third party vendors. These form a part of additional, Convenience services being provided  through our platform but do not form part of the product category for Wrapping Happiness. Hence we do not stand liable for any issues with these two category of products.


Delivery at Remote Locations and Towns

Orders can be delivered only in the cities mentioned in the List of Serviceable Cities. Please note that goods, edibles, other perishable products, Service Professionals are sourced locally at the delivery location.

We cannot commit an exact time of delivery. Correct address and contact number is a must of the recipient for placing the order.

No deliveries would be done on National Holidays. The delivery of the same would be done on the next working day. In case of floods/ heavy rains/ National Bandh/election dates/ curfews/ traffic jams/ festival times/regulated traffic movements or any other impediments that may restrict the delivery of the order. Wrapping Happiness reserves the right to reschedule the delivery to another date.

The delivery of the products/items or the visit by the Service Professional ordered will be attempted only once at the address as provided in the order received by Wrapping Happiness. In the event the delivery is not executed due to any reason whatsoever not attributable to Wrapping Happiness, the customer shall still be charged for the order and no redelivery or refund will be made by Wrapping Happiness. The order will be deemed executed and delivered in the following events:

  • Delivery not done due to wrong address.
  • Recipient not available.
  • Premises locked.
  • Wrong/incorrect phone or mobile or extension number / not working / no reply or not connecting /not reachable.
  • Recipient refused the products.
  • Delivered the deliverable goods at the Gate/Reception/Neighbourhood.

Delivery to railway stations, Metro stations and airports

We do not deliver to railway stations, Metro stations and airports.

Duplicate Orders

If you have placed two or more identical orders by mistake, please let us know about it. We will give a full refund for the duplicate order, provided that the order has not been prepared or delivered.

If we find that the same order has been made twice, we will try to contact the customer to confirm the order. If the customer is not contactable, we will take the decision on your behalf and that will be final.

Payment Terms

You agree to pay the price applicable for the product or service on our website at the time you submitted your order (Product Price), the delivery fees for the delivery service you select, if any (Delivery Fees), or any applicable taxes (defined below). You will be solely responsible for payment of all taxes (other than taxes based on Wrapping Happiness income), fees, duties, and other governmental charges, and any related penalties and interest, arising from the purchase of the products and services (Taxes) not withheld by Wrapping Happiness.

All payments are non-refundable (except as expressly set forth in the Terms and Conditions). We reserve the right to charge late fees on all due payments equivalent to the lesser of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance or the highest rate allowed under Applicable Law. You agree to pay for all collection costs, attorney's fees, and court costs incurred in the collection of past due amounts.

"Convenience Charge" has been levied by the company for the facilitation of choosing a product/s and book for delivery, anywhere in India, without visiting our physical store. This covers company’s Internet and system handling costs.

Such Convenience charges are correlated to the Order value.

Payment Details

Order delivery is totally subjected to the payment credited in Wrapping Happiness a/c. unless payment is received by us, the order will not be processed. All orders are prepaid, with no return policy.

Online: Customer can place order on website and make the payment through different payment options given on the website or app.

Wrapping Happiness doesn’t take the responsibility of any transaction which is processed without your consent and knowledge .The cardholder is solely and totally liable for the transactions and the amount charged on his A/c. An order can also be placed by downloading our Android app.


You agree to receive communications from us by e-mail, SMS or any other communication made electronically, verbally or physically through post. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that Wrapping Happiness provides to you by e-mail or in any other aforementioned mediums satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

In some cases, we will be contacting the recipient before delivery. If you wish we do not contact the recipient, please call our Customer Care at +91 - 7303149150 and notify them about the same.

Since we are in an occasion-based business, we would like to remind you in future year(s) for the same occasion. You give your consent for us to contact you through SMS, phone call and email on your registered phone number and email id, to assist you with our free Occasion Reminder Service.

Feedback and Suggestions

At Wrapping Happiness, we make every effort to ensure that you receive excellent products and services. We strive hard not only meet, but exceed your expectations. If, at any time, you experience problems with an order or are not happy with our service, you can call us on +91-9599578308 (10:00 hours-18:00 hours, Monday to Saturday) or write to us at customercare@wrappinghappiness.com

Your feedback and suggestions are important to us.

Note: Complaints need to be made within 48 hours from the time of delivery, after which we will not be able to register any complaints. Complaints against non-delivery needs to be made within 15 days from the date of delivery, after which we will not be able to register any complaints. In case of a defective or a bad quality deliverable goods complaint, we will replace it. For quality purpose, we might have to get a reverse pick up done for that deliverable good, before we can get a redelivery done.

Returns and Refund Policy

No returns are allowed. However, in case if a wrong or a defective product has been sent, do let us know within 24 hours of receipt of the product, beyond which we shall not be liable for any refunds. You can write to us at customercare@wrappinghappiness.com or call us at +91-9599578308 (10:00 AM-6 PM, Monday- Saturday).

Wrapping Happiness is not responsible and does not guarantee refund for cases where:

  • Gift products, perishable items are delivered to or Service Professionals visit incorrect address provided by the sender.
  • Unsuccessful deliveries arising from the recipient not being present at the time of delivery at the address provided by the sender or the recipient refusing to accept the delivery.
  • Product quality problems caused by improper handling of the product.

A full refund for cancellations is allowed if made 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled delivery date, only for Present category of products. NO cancellation exists in personalised products and  for pleasure part of products, cancellation applicable upto 4 days before the execution of order/ service.

In the event that we are unable to supply all or part of your order (the product or any substitute product to you at all), we shall notify you as soon as possible and reimburse your payment.

Online refund is processed through the mode from which the customer has paid the money within 24 working hours, from the time of receipt of  internal approval . Once processed by Wrapping Happiness, refund takes 7 to 10 business days to reflect in your account.

Offline refund is credited once the customer shares the bank details post which it takes 7 to 10 working days.This stands applicable once COD is available, though subject to changes at the time of launch of COD.

Online refund is processed through the mode from which the customer has paid the money within 24 working hours from the time of  internal approvals received. Once processed by Wrapping Happiness, refund takes 7 to 10 business days to reflect in your account.


It will not be possible for us to accept any request for product exchanges.

Damaged/Defective Products

If any deliverable good received by you is damaged/defective or if the Service Professional under taking the request is not as per order, you can let us know the same. You can call us at +91-9599578308(10:00 hours to 1800 hours, Monday to Saturday) or send us an e-mail with Mandatory photographs of the same at customercare@wrappinghappiness.com, within 24 hours of receiving the product. We will either deliver to you the new product or refund the amount to you. Subject to the Terms and Conditions.Once refund is initiated by Wrapping Happiness, it takes 7-10 business days for the refund amount to reflect in your account.


Headings, titles, paragraphs are for information only and shall not form part of operative provisions of the agreement and shall be ignored in construing the same. Words denoting the singular shall include the plural as well. And denoting any gender, includes all genders.